I am incredibly excited to share some photos from last weekend's "donut photoshoot", all taken by my very talented and beautiful friend Elaine Chang! 

Executing this shoot was one of my bigger feats by far on this journey. On top of one of the busiest work weeks of the year coordinating a two day, annual conference, I spent almost every night baking for Saturday's shoot (literally MTW and F). It was a lot of flour, butter, sugar, and very little sleep that week. By the time Saturday morning rolled around, the kitchen was a mess and I was still in pajamas glazing and topping each donut before it was time to start shooting. I remember asking myself, surrounded by bowls of glazes, nuts and close to 100 donuts, "what have I gotten myself into??". I am so very thankful though to have had close friends help and support me that day, and honestly, it was worth it! I sincerely wish I had taken more pictures of the explosion in my kitchen and all the crazy behind-the-scene things we did to get the best light/shot (moving around furniture, standing on tables, throwing nuts everywhere, etc.)..

While planning for the shoot a month ago, we settled on the 31st as it was the best day for both Elaine and I. Seeing that it was Halloween, Elaine suggested passing out the donuts around my neighborhood afterwards and I thought it was a great idea!. After three hours of shooting, we cleaned up, ate real food and rested a bit before I went out to meet my neighbors and pass out some mini donuts. Honestly, I was dragging my feet because I was lazy and tired, and not feeling extremely extroverted, but so so thankful and happy that I went out and had the opportunity to meet new people and hopefully new relationships. A lot of them accepted and asked me why I had so many donuts, in which I got to share a little about Home. Some even told me to bring by business cards when the donuts are available for order!

In terms of updates, I have turned in my CFO application a couple weeks ago and have spoken with the SD Department of Health last Friday. I expect to get the full approval in the next week or so! God-willing, donuts will be available for order very soon!

Okay, enough writing. Photo time.