It's only been a month since today's reality was merely just a dream. It all started with a simple conversation about life and what I can see myself doing. But the dream to open up a business/cafe/bakery was just that - a dream. An abstract thought that had been floating around - sometimes forgotten - since I was younger.

Since that conversation however, that dream took hold instead of retreating back to where it usually hid. The weeks following were a whirlwind of sorts, and the dream slowly became a reality as practical steps started to emerge out of the fog. I had stumbled upon websites informing me that home based businesses have been approved by the city only a couple years ago, and at the same time, remembered a brief conversation I had with a coworker last year about teaming up to do a UCSD baked goods service. Things kind of came together since then and as crazy as it sounds, I charged forward with each step.

The last month wasn't all smooth going though as I struggled personally with doubts, pride and wrong motivations + ideas of success. The dream became about me, who I can prove wrong and how well I can use my hands to create something out of nothing. It neglected the One who had planted the seed, given me the talents (Mt. 25) and crafted my hands out of (literally) nothing. It wasn't until shortly after that rebuke and realization that I had understood this dream is in fact a gift, not to make some $$ or a name for myself, but rather an opportunity to know more of my Creator (who He really is and why/how He created me for His glory) and also, make Him known to those around me. A gift no different from the greatest Gift He had already given. Every time I felt discouraged, angry and ready to give up, there was a voice that helped me remember the gift and how I mustn't easily throw away what I believe was thoughtfully crafted and given to me. The gift soon after turned into a practical means to work out the other Gift - the gift of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - not with the type of fear and trembling that assumes threat, but the type that evokes awe and honor to how we must treat our talents and gifts.

There is no guarantee that this will ever surmount to something bigger or that I will make any profit and gain recognition. I can end up not getting my CFO registration or I may face a challenge that will inhibit me from going any further. Nevertheless, I am thankful for today and the days to come where I will continue to have the opportunity to do what I love (whether it's baking or something else) and share with others - not just the somethings I create from nothing, but hopefully also the One who has been doing so since the beginning of time. 

Home Bakeshop was not named due to the home-kitchen business, but as a reminder for me to focus Homeward instead of inward, eternal and not internal. I welcome you to join me on this journey toward Home, where we can learn to know Him more together.

12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, 13 for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. - Philippians 2:12-13